Forever (Haim Cover)
James Bay


Forever (Haim Cover) | James Bay

mhowland528 said: Hi I'm Michelle im a big fan of haim is this este haim

hi I’m sorry to disspoint you but i am not este haim :-(

  1. Entertainment Weekly: It’s been pretty well documented that babies like your music. Do you guys like babies?
  2. Chris Tomson: Vampire Weekend is solidly pro-babies.
  3. Ezra Koenig: I saw a baby a few weeks ago, and it was really cute. And it got me thinking, like, babies are all right.

HAIM for the FADER

Anonymous said: where do u buy ur clothes? i just rly love ur style

hi hi hi thank you so much! :-) i get my clothes from h&m, topshop, cotton on, zara, uniqlo, new look, urban outfitters and sometimes i shop online and i usually always go to asos uk

Ezra Koenig @ Lollapalooza Chile 2014 (by Tomas Correa Arce).