"We need to switch the way that we talk about women. That’s what I think needs to change. I think sometimes they don’t even know that they’re doing it and that’s the problem. You say the word "feminist" and already, like, you can feel the eye rolls in the room. Like, fuck off, man. Fuck off. It has this crazy negative connotation that I never understood."

Anonymous said: your blog is cool

*lana del rey voice* I’m already coolest

plot twist: i’m este haim 

“I think I scared the shit out of a ten year old when I was like 16. I basically instilled fear into this child. Looking back on it I think it was just the motherly instinct in me that was trying to protect my sister and the good thing was the kid literally didn’t fuck with Alana ever again.” - Este Haim

  1. haim fan: Danielle you fucking nerd
  2. haim fan: Alana you're like 12 stop talking
  3. haim fan: ain't no way i'm fucking with Este

Photo by Aaron Webber

Photo by Aaron Webber